Donald Trump WILL GET Away With It, NEVERTHELESS, YOU Can’t

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A couple of years ago, who owns a favorite diner near me made a decision to run for our local township’s board of commissioners. It’s a significant and visible position locally. But there is a problem. He was a Republican.

Not that being truly a Republican is such a problem. At least not in lots of places. But where I live — well, it’s sort of a problem. Almost all of my community, which is populated heavily by academics, educators and union members, is somewhere left of Karl Marx. There are few Republicans around and those that are virtually keep a minimal profile. Also, there have been no Republicans on the township’s board at that time. However the diner owner wished to be on the board. What the hell was he thinking?

He was thinking all of the right things. He wished to serve his community. He previously an effective business and a desire to provide back. He previously an urge to take part in the political process and make small improvements to the world. But he also offers his views.

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For instance, he’s against abortion. He’s an associate of the NRA. He’s a solid proponent of a smaller municipality and supports cuts to certain popular programs and caps on entitlements to township employees to keep carefully the budget in balance. He supports prayers in school.

And, grit your teeth, he enjoys hearing Rush Limbaugh. I understand, it’s pretty insane stuff. They are controversial issues. The diner owner still thought we would insert himself in the center of them by running for office in a heavily Democrat area. Again, what the hell was he thinking?

More important, what happened to his business?

The diner suffered. The more the dog owner appeared in the neighborhood news, the more photos of him were plastered around town, the more he spoke and shared his political and personal views with the city and the more his customers surely got to know him, the more of these he alienated.

“I’d never eat as of this place again,” a pal of my wife’s thought to her while tucking into her double cheeseburger at the diner. “I possibly could never support a guy with such a horrific and insane perspective of the world.”

That friend was Barbara Streisand. OK, just kidding, it wasn’t. However the friend (when you have haven’t figured it out yet) was a Democrat and she wasn’t kidding. She wasn’t heading back to the diner. She’d get her double cheeseburgers someplace else.

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As you’re scanning this, you’re probably thinking about Donald Trump’s current presidential run. And you ought to, because I considered the diner owner when Trump announced his candidacy. Trump exists, everywhere, sharing his controversial, outlandish and frequently abrasive views of the world with anyone who’ll listen. And a lot of folks are. Is Donald Trump hurting his business when you are so controversial? May be the diner owner?

In both cases, yes. There are several individuals who may never work with Donald Trump again after a few of the things he’s said. Yet there are certainly others which may be more attracted to him through their shared opinions. Regardless, he’s going for a big chance. But he’s a multi-billionaire, and few are fretting about whether he’ll have a roof over his head following the elections are over.

Unfortunately, the diner owner isn’t Donald Trump. He’s not a multi-billionaire. He’s also going for a chance. He’s also taking chances. By sharing his views of the world with the general public he’s alienating a few of his customer base and could suffer financially.

Ultimately, the diner owner lost the neighborhood election to his Democrat opponent. But he’s still very mixed up in community and vocal in his opinions. Plenty of successful companies reach a point within their lives if they too want to perform for political office. They would like to give back with their communities also to their country. You might like to do the same. Because of this you’ll need to be controversial, have opinions and take sides.

You don’t need to be abrasive as Donald Trump, nevertheless, you may still lose customers for this reason decision. Just how much loss can your business absorb? That’s the most controversial question of these all.

I’m sure the diner owner lost some business for this reason. But, at least from my observations, he hasn’t appeared to have suffered significantly. And I could’ve sworn that I saw my wife’s friend eating a double cheeseburger there recently, but see your face was sitting far in the trunk, wearing sunglasses and a hat.

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