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Do-It-Yourself Surveillance Protects Home or Business

Webcams and IP cameras enable you to monitor your property as long as you’re away.

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Is that summer downpour flooding your basement? Did Rover enter the garbage again? Is your 50-inch flat-panel TV still set up? Find out from anywhere through the use of your personal computer to create an inexpensive home surveillance system that you may access online, and even over your cellular phone. A professionally installed surveillance system costs at least $2000, nevertheless, you can create an uncomplicated USB-connected Webcam such as for example Logitech’s QuickCam Chat for $30, a radio camera which can be placed almost anywhere for under $200, or a complete PC-based monitoring system at under $1000.

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Doing Good by SUCCESSFUL: 6 Digital Tools for Social Entrepreneurs

As a social entrepreneur, I really like finding companies and products that help me surrender to my community. That’s why these six apps and platforms have grown to be part of my own and professional toolkit. They’re simple to use as I start my day — whether I’m exercising, food shopping or focusing on my site.

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And each one, in its way, helps to make the world an improved place.

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Doing These 5 Things WILL HELP YOU Get More Ecommerce Sales This HOLIDAYS

This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

Holiday-season ecommerce sales figures hit a higher of $46.55 billion in 2013 and that number is likely to increase this year, continuing an upward trend of more consumers doing their holiday shopping on the internet. What are you thinking about doing to place your ecommerce business able to capture a share of 2014’s holidays revenue?

These five things might help your business get yourself a bigger little bit of the pie this year.

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Doing Good While SUCCESSFUL: three ways to Bring Purpose to Your Business

Donating money helps, but, nothing comes even close to hands-on, thoughtful philanthropy.

Corporate philanthropy is a fantastic way to grow your network, build your brand and influence a cause dear to your company. In 2015, corporate philanthropic giving saw a 3.9 percent increase from 2014, reaching $18.46 billion. This figure indicates that, for busy entrepreneurs, it’s simpler to write a donation check than it really is to bring philanthropy deeper into your company.

Balancing work and goodwill takes effort, but an objective bigger than a donation can deepen your company’s mission and impact — while connecting your brand to your community.

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Doing Right by the Animals Found in Food Products Is an expensive But Worthy Business Investment

Progressively more consumers wish to know the source of the merchandise they buy, so it is on companies to utilize the best ingredients.

What lengths would you head to find humanely treated, sustainably raised cows? For me personally, the answer was Kilkenny, Ireland. I lay out with a summary of requirements in mind to match my imagine “changing the human diet for the better,” and that’s where I ended up having the ability to check all of the boxes.

I’m not by yourself in my own quest. Welfare of the animals used to create food products is vital that you consumers. Based on the ASPCA, “94 percent of Americans concur that animals raised for food deserve to live clear of abuse and cruelty. The most the nearly 10 billion land-based animals, plus countless more aquatic animals, farmed for food every year in the U.S. reside in unacceptable conditions that usually do not align with consumers’ stated values.” Furthermore, most Americans consume animal products. By August 2018, Gallup found “5 percent of Americans say they are vegetarians, unchanged from 2012” and “3 percent say they are vegans, little changed from 2 percent in 2012.”

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Everyone has 3 or 4 careers going simultaneously nowadays. The problem is nobody will keep that lots of balls in the air simultaneously. If you don’t concentrate on holding onto one, eventually you’re likely to drop all of them.

That’s fine in the event that you don’t mind slugging it out with the competitive masses and living hand to mouth on slim profits, if any. But in the event that you aspire to be considered a successful entrepreneur, the only method you’re going to make that happen is by concentrating on one thing and carrying it out better than other people.

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Doing These 7 Things MIGHT HELP Jump-Start Your Startup Career

Recent graduates may be surprised to find so many similarities between landing jobs at startups and industry stalwarts.

Getting that first job can frequently be the most challenging task you’ll face as a recently available graduate, right now when the labor market may be the strongest it’s been in years. Landing a gig at a startup could be even more complicated. For the brand new grad, it is the all too familiar Catch-22: To acquire a job, you will need experience, but to get experience, you will need a job. A blank resume doesn’t bode well.

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Dollar Tree Outperforms Quarterly Estimates but Lowers Annual Expectations

Stock prices were up modestly each morning, drifted down in the afternoon but rallied within the last hour, leaving the major indexes with small gains on your day. The S&P 500 index is down roughly five percent up to now in-may.

The technology sector was quiet today. Netflix had an increase of 0.76 percent while declined 0.16 percent. Software-maker was up 1.81 percent but chipmaker NVIDIA Corp. fell 0.88 percent. Eight of thirteen tech stocks on the index were up today.

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Dollar Shave Club for Couches Shows Upside in Asking ‘Why Are Things Sold just how They Are?’

In this bout of ‘Problem Solvers’, we follow the road of Burrow, a company reimagining how furniture comes.

Introducing our new podcast, Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer , which features companies and CEOs who experienced a crippling business problem and arrived the other side happy, wealthy, and growing. Feifer, Entrepreneur’s editor in chief, spotlights these stories so other business can avoid the same hardships. Listen below or just click here to learn more shownotes.

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Domestic Violence Is Usually the Reason behind Workplace Violence

Violence may be the leading reason behind death for women who die at work.

OSHA’s General Duty Clause states that employers “shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a location of employment which are clear of recognized hazards that are causing or will probably cause death or serious physical injury to his employees.”

Which includes protection from workplace violence, which can be an increasingly serious concern, specifically for women who are disproportionately the victims of workplace violence. In 2016 homicide was the ninth leading reason behind workplace deaths in america. By 2017, homicide was the fourth leading reason behind workplace deaths. Behind this grim statistic can be an alarming fact: workplace violence may be the leading reason behind death for women who die at work — 42 percent of women murdered at work are killed by a member of family or domestic partner (only 2 percent of male homicide victims are killed by this demographic).

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