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Sam’s Club to provide HEALTHCARE, Payroll and Legal Services for SMALLER BUSINESSES

Furthermore to jumbo-sized snacks and bulk beverages, Sam’s Club business members is now able to buy a whole suite of services from the retailer so as to streamline their entrepreneurial pursuits.

As the Walmart-owned retail warehouse is frequented by tens of an incredible number of American consumers, the chain says it welcomes roughly 600,000 small-business owners within its 643 clubs each day. Companies pay a $45 annual membership fee, like regular members, but can have up to eight add-on accounts.

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Samsung Chases Curved Smartphone Wave

This story originally appeared on Reuters

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd aims to revive its crumbling lead in the global smartphone industry partly by ramping up high-end devices with curved screens filled with advanced technology that’s tough for rivals to reproduce.

Yet as the South Korean giant seeks to create devices just like the rigid-curve Galaxy Note Edge stick out from a crowd of flat, big-screen handsets, earning money depends on producing them cost-effectively and coaxing developers to tailor applications for the brand new format.

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Samsung Can’t Have All of the Fun: 5 Other Mega Brands Rocking the Selfie

When you meet President Barack Obama, you sort of need to snap a selfie. It’s the best pics-or-it-didn’t-happen humblebrag. The commander in chief himself loves an excellent selfie. Yup, even at funerals.

But Obama doesn’t dig selfies so much when celebs stage them with respect to big name brands ambush advertising-style, such as a few doozies arranged by Samsung lately. Although it appeared as if the POTUS was plenty pleased to pose for a selfie with Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz the other day, he’s not thrilled now in what ended up being a sneaky promotional selfie that the Korean electronics giant paid the slugger to fully capture.

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Team Management Expert Kristin J. Arnold

How can you encourage your employees to "Go, team, go"? Expert Kristin J. Arnold can help you get the most out of a team-based work place.

The thought of employed in a team-based environment can strike fear in the heartiest & most energetic of workers. Images of hours-long meetings slowly meandering to nowhere, deadlocked votes, and quibbling power plays could cause your most valued employees to perform for cover.

However when you have a complex customer support challenge or advertising campaign that requires expertise from several regions of your company, an excellent team can intensify to the plate and think of a wildly successful strategy that never could’ve been implemented-much less conjured-by one individual alone. Just how do you create and manage successful teams?

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Tech Billionaires Including Tim Cook, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Promised 18 Million Masks to Fight COVID-19

This weekend saw a flurry in Silicon Valley CEOs promising their companies would donate masks to healthcare workers.

This story originally appeared on Business Insider

Tech billionaires are jostling to donate protective masks.

Over the weekend a flurry of tech CEOs including Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Tesla’s Elon Musk promised to provide an incredible number of masks to healthcare workers focusing on leading line to fight the coronavirus.

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Team Productivity: Striking a Balance Between Being truly a Boss and Friend

Learning to make sure your individual connections at the job are healthy and productive.

Numerous studies have discovered that having friends at the job is an effective thing. Science has discovered that meaningful friendships at work have benefits like increased emotional well-being, trust, and loyalty. It’s also healthy physically. Making and keeping workplace friends will certainly reduce anxiety and stress and boost your productivity. Your job friendships result in more candid feedback, a larger sense of belonging, and improved teamwork and collaboration.

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Team Not Talking? LISTED BELOW ARE 4 Methods to Boost Communication.

In the event that you aren’t communicating together with your team, your company are affected. Here’s how to get everyone chatting — and on a single page.

90 days ago, I asked our entire team that which was the greatest weakness inside our company Alumnify, an alumni- engagement platform. To my surprise, it proved our communication was the biggest problem we had a need to solve. So, our management team started testing different answers to find how exactly we could improve transparency. After much learning from your errors, two months later we said communication had converted into our greatest strength.

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Team-Building Lessons From the British Army

There’s plenty all companies can study from the English military’s organization and execution.

Entrepreneurship is a team sport. It really is simply too complex to accomplish all on your own and be prepared to succeed. People who try to be “solopreneurs” end up juggling tasks as varied as sales, administration, IT and client-delivery. No earthly person could possibly be excellent at many of these tasks, and frequently they become mediocre at most of them.

The best entrepreneurs know this all too well, and their main aim is to sign up talented people onto their team. That is why you will find a plethora of quotes from the most well-known entrepreneurs extolling the virtues of teams:

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Team-Building Tips: 8 Methods to MAKE CERTAIN Every Employee Feels Included

People take jobs for a paycheck however they only keep jobs if they feel valued and part of a team.

Managing and motivating your employees is no easy task, particularly when 43 percent of employees work beyond your office. But if you’d like your business to thrive, it’s essential.

One of the better ways to accomplish that is by making your employees, together with your contractors and freelancers, feel just like part of a team. Focus on these eight ideas to create a far more inclusive atmosphere.

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This book takes readers through a 360-degree perspective of social media in businesses.

What could possibly be harder than starting a viral Internet meme? Think about creating a successful business around one.

But that’s precisely what Jared Kleinstein, creator of, is wanting to do.

He didn’t attempt to. Inspiration hit to build his tribute website after watching the October Broncos-Dolphins football game in a bar with friends.

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